Technical First Responder Training

Nettitude knows that the first steps taken in responding to an incident are often the most critical.

 We also know that despite our best efforts, there may be occasions where an in-house first responder is in a better position to deal with the initial stages of an incident, or that it is better for the business to provide an initial response.

Our Delivery

Nettitude can provide training to nominated individuals within the business to enable an internal first response capability. This is tailored to suit the client’s individual needs and environment, this covers the following:

Incident Response triage

Process and procedure

Common sources of evidence

Correct evidence handling techniques

Evidence capture – tools and techniques, practical exercises

Coordinating response and disseminating information

Nettitude can also offer a further level of training for organisations that wish to undertake an element of technical analysis themselves for less critical/low level incidents.

Nettitude’s Training

We know that in many IT Security incidents the first response is typically the most crucial and these individuals can be invaluable in capturing certain information. We also know that if certain simple but critical interventions can be performed within those first few minutes, that time to identification or resolution can be significantly reduced.

In recent years, advances in technology have been made, and many procedures and practices that were previously performed only by highly trained individuals are now available with the right training.

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