Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Nettitude has experience in delivering security services in the most demanding of environments.

Nettitude has been delivering services in cyber security since 2003 and provides Managed Security Services (MSS) globally. We deliver both proactive and reactive services through our team of highly skilled consultants and through our advanced Network and Security Operations Centre’s (NOC and SOC). We provide expertise to around the clock to take the headache out of managing your security estate. Through years of experience in both offensive and defensive techniques we understand the importance of maintaining and updating security equipment. Our NOC services are underpinned by continuous health, availability and security checks delivered around the clock, throughout the year. As a consequence this frees up your valuable internal resource to focus on delivering value to your organisation as opposed to focusing on the ever evolving cyber threat.

Highly certified with strong experienced

Nettitude’s NOC is supported by highly skilled security consultants and architects.  As well as being able to implement security technology within our client environments, our NOC is able to take the headache away of managing and maintaining the equipment.  Whether it is break-fix changes, security updates and patching or more proactive monitoring and service health checks, we have a range of services designed for every organisation. Nettitude’s NOC has a team of 1st and 2nd line analysts that are responsible for call handling and day-to-day break fix support.  For scheduled maintenance and more demanding updates and changes, all work escalated to our 3rd line consulting team.  This team provides governance and oversight for all of our clients managed security services.

Network Operations Centre features

NOC Diagram 1
The following services are delivered as a fully managed service:

  1. Fully managed firewalls and network devices
  2. Fully managed IPS/IDS
  3. Cloud based Multi factor authentication

For each of these services Nettitude can provide:

Ownership of the ongoing management of the device

24×7 monitoring and support

Hotfix and patch updates

Threat management updates

Continuous vulnerability management

Change control verification

Health and availability monitoring (SNMP/netflow data analysis)

Benefits of a fully managed security service

The following benefits stand out when you use our fully managed security service:

  1. Lower total cost of ownership over lifespan of equipment
  2. No requirements to employ skilled staff to managed specialist systems
  3. 24×7 monitoring and vulnerability management/detection
  4. Risk reduced of systems not being patched or updated
  5. Ability to respond faster in the case of an incident
  6. Nettitude SOC capability

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