Nettitude Releases NEW eBook: CBEST Demystified

The UK is a leading exporter of financial services, with London competing only with New York to be the world’s financial centre.  However, the success of our economy is vulnerable to the growing threat from sophisticated cyber criminals, with major financial institutions falling victim to aggressive and targeted attacks by hackers looking for financial data.

In early 2014, concerned at the growing threat to the UK banking sector and the impact a sustained cyber attack could have on the economy, the Bank of England launched a new testing framework, known as CBEST, in which banks could be subject to much more rigorous cyber stress tests.  By October 2014, only a handful of British firms were considered expert enough to carry out CBEST testing and authorised to do so by the Bank of England.

In order to demystify CBEST, our new e-book includes the following:

  • An overview of the systematic threat to the UK banking system from cyber actors
  • A brief history of penetration testing and insight into the vulnerability assessments, red teaming and the evolution of intelligence-based testing
  • An explanation of the need for real-world testing and the introduction of CBEST

To download a copy of CBEST Demystified, please click here.



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