Mobile Device Testing

Nettitude provides mobile device penetration testing to help keep the attackers out!

More than 250 mobile devices are in circulation worldwide. With this, comes a new form of cyber attack and compromise.

Looking for android and smart phone security testing?

Nettitude has broad experience in security testing mobile devices. Whether it is a phone or tablet based resource, Nettitude’s security consultants have a solid foundation in identifying vulnerability and exposure in both devices and applications alike.

Secure Your Mobile Data

Many of the mobile applications use web based functions which open them up to Cross Site Scripting (XSS), Cross Site Forgery (CSRF) and session hijacking attacks. These attacks are being mutated on mobile applications to capture user displays, keystrokes and to perform tap jacking, (similar to click jacking) and screen smudging attacks. Similarly, iOS can be susceptible to buffer overflow attacks, and attackers can decompile code to identify security flaws and weaknesses

Did you know?

The programming language used to develop many iPhone and iPad applications is objective C, where as the Android platform is Linux based and uses Java.

Both Apple iOS and Android are effectively miniature computers, and consequently the applications that run on them are similar to conventional thick clients or web based applications.

Looking for BlackBerry penetration testing services?

Our BlackBerry Services

Many organisations are looking to deliver connectivity to their workforce when they are on the move or working from home through BlackBerry devices.

Nettitude can assess the security of your BlackBerry environment by carrying out a series of unique tests against the BlackBerry enterprise server and the BlackBerry devices used to access it. As part of our testing, we look to exploit the BlackBerry handheld to gain access to the corporate IT infrastructure. We look to see if we can compromise the handheld to gain access to sensitive information such as usernames and passwords, payroll information, or credit card information stored within your corporate head office.

Our team of consultants will look to compromise the handheld to access e-mail, access usernames, and conduct extended external attacks against the environment using the information collected from the BlackBerry handheld itself.

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