Managed Firewalling & Network Services

Nettitude has experience in delivering security services in the most demanding of environments

Nettitude provides managed firewall services for a range of leading firewalling vendors. As well as providing design, installation and configuration services, Nettitude managed services provide ongoing maintenance, configuration and updates to the following supported firewall vendors

  • Cisco Product Family
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • Check Point

Firewalling & Network Services

Firewalls are the front line defenses to your organization and the point of connection to untrusted networks. Many organisations place significant confidence in the configuration of their firewalling platforms.  As well as providing secured access to mail and webservers, firewalls also deliver many services themselves.  These include VPN services, IPS Services, Certificate Services, Data Loss Prevention and many other application proxies.  As a consequence, their configuration and their patching is of paramount importance!

As part of Nettitude’s managed firewalling and network services, we deliver the following key elements around the clock.

  1. Full responsibility for the ongoing management of the device
  2. Proactive monitoring and support (either 8×5 or 24×7 according to MSS package)
  3. Investigations and problem solving
  4. Hotfix and patch updates delivered out of service
  5. Threat management updates
  6. Continuous vulnerability management
  7. Change control verification
  8. Health and availability monitoring (SNMP/netflow data analysis)
  9. Unlimited telephone and email advice and guidance
  10. Quarterly capacity reporting

Nettitude’s managed security team hold the highest vendor certifications.  We work closely with the technology providers to ensure we are kept abreast of updates and features that will be launched in future releases.

We deliver proactive alerting around all firewall configuration changes or updates, and we maintain constant backup data of all of your covered security devices.  We provide continuous vulnerability scanning of devices that are protected by the firewall to ensure that the firewall is delivering the level of security assurance that your business demands.  Although this does not include deep application security assessments, it will provide high level assurance that your firewall platform is functioning securely.

Subscribers to Nettitude’s 24×7 managed firewall service will benefit from quarterly reports that provide granular details about capacity utilization, firewalling traffic statistics and high levels information about the types of attacks that the firewall has blocked.  In addition, this report will be enriched with threat intelligence data that is collected by our dedicated security researchers.

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