Cyber Security Testing

Cyber security testing, assessment and audit services by CREST and CESG CHECK accredited consultants.

It is not about protecting an environment purely from cyber attacks or remote access threats, but rather about protecting all aspects of a corporation’s IT infrastructure. That is the vision of Nettitude’s award winning security testing & audit teams.

Why should you partner with a professional security testing organisation?

We understand that activities such as Penetration Testing are but a means to an end. The intent from a security test, assessment and/or audit is to identify your vulnerabilities and exposures so that you can remediate and ultimately become more secure.

This means that one of the most important deliverables from our security tests is the report and guidance that we produce. As a consequence, we produce two documents. The first document is for the management team and the second document is for the technical team. All reports are then presented back to your organisation with clear, concise and guidance on how to make your environment more secure.

Nettitude’s skills and experience

Nettitude’s core foundation is based on a solid grounding of IT and networking security. Therefore, you can be sure that when you partner with Nettitude we understand how to deploy secure servers, switches, firewalls and applications. We also understand which elements need to be logged and how to build access controls in to applications and infrastructure devices.

Industry leading security consultants

Our consultants hold the very highest of security accreditations and experience. Nettitude is a CHECK ‘green light’ company, a member of CREST (the Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers) and is certified by her Majesty’s Government as a CLAS security consultancy (CESG Listed Adviser Scheme). In addition to providing external security training to our clients, our consultants are experts on the subject of internet security. They have written papers published by the UK Department of trade & industry and for the security trade press.

Our mission as your testing and audit partner

Our objective as an IT security provider is to ‘create’ secure infrastructures and with this we know the best angles on how to penetrate infrastructures. Nettitude knows how to bypass firewalls and IPS devices. Nettitude understands the pitfalls from insecure coding and with that, how to manipulate applications so as to bypass any inbuilt security logic.

Partner with cyber security experts

Nettitude provides the broadest range of cyber security, ranging from Penetration Tests and Web Application assessments through to Security Auditing, Infrastructure Reviews and full PCI Compliance. We can help your business to protect itself from the threat of cybercrime and devastating affects of reputation damage.

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