Cyber Incident Response Testing

Nettitude has significant experience in incident testing, from running desktop exercises, scenario based workshops.

Many organisations that have cyber incident response plans, policies and procedures in place often overlook what could be considered the most critical element of these – Testing.

Looking for cyber incident response testing?

A comprehensive incident testing programme can expose gaps in even the most seemingly robust of plans and provides valuable insight into whether the Incident Response plan actually delivers its stated aims back to your organisation.

What do Nettitude deliver?

Nettitude’s incident response consultants will review your incident response procedures in order to design and conduct plausible simulated exercises, and evaluate your team’s performance. A post event debrief session is held where we will provide detailed feedback and recommendations for improvement.
Desktop exercises are designed to assess your response to both commodity and advanced or targeted threat scenarios. Advanced threats will often have different indicators, tactics and containment requirements than typical incident response methodologies. Nettitude’s real-world experience in responding to these more sophisticated attacks allows us to present scenarios that reflect the actual techniques used by advanced threat actors.

Incident testing scenerios include:

Determining what the threat is to your organisation

Assessing your risk profile

Considering threat intelligence providers (e.g. the government, collaborative groups, competitors, CIRTs and vendors)

Evaluating situational awareness and applicability to your organisation

Simulating a real attack as closely as possible

Ensuring the right person is doing the right thing at the right time

Nettitude’s Skills and Experience

Nettitude has significant experience in incident testing, from running desktop exercises, scenario based workshops with CIRT members through to full ‘Red Team’ live-fire exercises. Nettitude takes the time to understand your incident response policy and designs specific exercises to test the required areas. All exercises are observed and recorded by our experienced incident response consultants so that a comprehensive debrief can be undertaken and suggestions for any necessary remedial actions can be agreed.

Nettitude have the skills and experience to test against a wide range of scenarios. From white hat hacking attempts through to social engineering, Malware infections to critical data loss, Nettitude can take advantage of what others may have missed to blend electronic, social and physical security into a converged attack surface.

Why do I need it?

Having an Incident Response policy and plan in place is a crucial first step to ensuring that your organisation has the information and processes needed to respond to a security breach. However, most organizations lack the experience and resources to perform incident testing, and so can be left vulnerable to any unknown gaps in their plan and procedures.

Through our desktop exercises, your CIRT is subjected to simulations based on both commodity and targeted threats such as cybercrime – what we see happening in the cyber-world today. The outcome of the testing will show you ways that your systems and network can be breached and countermeasures you can use to combat attempts to penetrate your defences. Nettitude will address the critical steps your organisation needs to take during an actual security breach that will help you respond to and contain the threat as quickly and as effectively as possible.

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