Cyber Incident Response Maturity Assessment (IRMA)

The days where threats are contained at the perimeter is long gone. Through the pervasive nature of Mobile, Cloud and social media so it is more difficult for an organisation to guarantee absolutely confidence that their data is secure.

Looking for Incident Response Maturity Assessments (IRMA)?

Instead of focusing purely on defensive technical controls, Nettitude urges organisations to think differently about their cyber security posture, and assume that malicious threat actors will eventually get access to their data. When an organisation takes this approach, their focus naturally shift in to detection and response analysis. They will need to be able to determine when a malicious entity has accessed their data, and they will need to build a response plan that allows them to contain, mitigate and eradicate the threat actor.

Nettitude has extensive experience in detecting and responding to cyber security attacks. In addition, through our comprehensive cyber consulting practice we are well versed in the regulatory and compliance frameworks requirements for incident response and breach notification. As part of our Cyber Incident Response Maturity Assessments (IRMA) we provide an in-depth assessment of your detection and response capability.

Through interview and the review of policies and procedures, asset lists, risk registers, and technology architecture we are able to determine how sophisticated your detection and response capability is, today. Nettitude has used the CREST IRMA toolkit, to generate a custom framework for measuring an organisation incident response posture. We are able to use this to measure your incident response maturity according to the types of data assets you operate, the type of industry you work within, the geographies you operate within and the regulatory and legislative requirements that are pertinent to your business operation.

After conducting an Incident Response Maturity Assessment (IRMA), you will receive a point in time measurement of your response capability. This will provide a graded comparison against your industry, and other similarly sized organisations. Nettitude can use this measurement in conjunction with your cyber security goals, to build a robust incident response strategy.

Key elements of IRMA

Review of cultural view towards cyber

Review of risk register and data asset register

Review of regulatory / legislative requirements

Review of existing policies and procedures

Validation of policy and procedure through observation of technical controls

Categorisation of organisation in to threat profile container

Point in time measurement of detection and response capability

Optional strategic guidance on how to bridge the gaps, and improve against industry norm

Senior management / board level presentation of results

Key benefits of IRMA

Understand what elements should be included in an incident response plan

Understand what regulatory and legislative controls are relevant to your industry and countries of operations

Gain a clear, concise measurement of your incident response maturity

Measure your incident response capability against your industry, and other similar types of organisations

Build a framework for enhancing and maturing your incident response capability

More easily achieve compliance against cyber security frameworks

Reduce the likelihood of a breach going undetected

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Nettitude detection & response analysis with IRMAs

Nettitude delivers this service through two different types of IRMA assessments.

Detection & response analysis with IRMAs

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