Check Point Security Solutions

Check Point next generation firewall security products delivered by cyber security provider Nettitude, offer advanced security features such as integrated intrusion prevention, virtualisation, gateway antivirus, anti-spam, web content filtering, as well as IPsec and SSL VPN remote access for computers and mobile devices. With an unparalleled feature set, the next generation capability is enhanced by adding threat prevention technology.

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Product Highlights

Firewall with IPsec and SSL VPN


Application and URL control

Identity awareness

Anti-Bot, Andti-Spam and Anti-Virus

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Web Security

Mobile Access

Threat Emulation

Check Point threat emulation takes cyber-attack prevention to the next level. The solution intercepts inbound files and forwards them to a virtual sandbox for execution. Any files that exhibit behaviour commonly associated with malware such as registry modification, unexpected network connections or file creation are flagged as malicious and prevented from entering the network. Once the new threat is discovered the signature of the file is sent to the Check Point threat cloud for classification and documentation – turning the unknown threat into the known.

Preventing unknown attacks:

  • Prevent zero day and new threats by executing them in a virtual sandbox.
  • Prevent malicious email attachments and executables entering the network.
  • Protect against embedded attacks in MS Office, Adobe pdf, Java, Executables and Archives.
  • Decrypt and prevent attacks in SSL and other encrypted communication streams.

Whether it is cloud based or on premise, we ensure:

  • Seamless connection to your existing Check Point infrastructure.
  • No false positives ensuring no unnecessary business impact.

Security Management

Check Point’s security management provides a single operating console for managing your network and security policy. The central console provides total visibility of the organisations Check Point security infrastructure, evidencing security controls and highlighting potential weaknesses in the solution configuration. The intuitive graphical user interface provides a wide set of security policy functions across all Check Point features. Drag and drop with a shared object capability reduce configuration time and errors. Annotations, labels and comments increase visibility of policy functions.


Central policy location

Audit administrator activity

Drag and drop through an easy to learn user interface

Ability to rollback to previous policy configurations

Automated policy error checking

Granular role based access controls

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