Arbor Networks APS

Arbor Networks Portfolio of Services (APS), from specialist cyber security provider Nettitude, tackle advanced threats head-on by providing a complete view of network activities for fast remediation and expert level blocking.

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Product Highlights

Always on, in-line, DDoS protections

Inbound and outbound protection

Intelligent cloud signalling

ATLAS intelligence feed

Managed APS service

Support for virtual environments

Web SSL decryption

The Risk of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

In Arbor Networks’ latest Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report (WISR), respondents reported seeing more complex attacks such as botnets or malware in conjunction with DDoS. In more traditional volumetric based attacks, the size of the attack continues to grow. The Arbor Networks Portfolio of Solutions tackles these advanced threats head-on by providing you a complete view of network activities for fast remediation and expert-level blocking.

Arbor Networks APS helps protect business continuity and availability from the growing constellation of DDoS attacks and other advanced threats. It provides the world’s most advanced and sophisticated attack detection, mitigation technology is an easy to play platform designed to automatically neutralize IPv4 and IPv6 attacks before they impact critical applications and services.

With the ATLAS intelligence feed capability, real time updates containing actionable intelligence on DDoS and advanced threats attacks can help prevent an attack from entering your network.

DDoS protection from active botnets

DDoS protection from active DDoS campaigns

Advanced web crawler service

GeoIP tracking

Domain and IP reputation to block threats

APS enhances your overall protection by using cloud signalling to connect local protection with cloud-based DDoS services.

With cloud signalling, APS automatically alerts upstream service providers, such as your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or Arbor CloudSM, when larger attacks threaten availability. This allows for a faster time to mitigate attacks.

Services Arbor Leadership can Offer

Availability Protection

APS uses stateless attack detection and filtering. This allows APS to remain functional during attacks designed to overwhelm and cripple stateful devices, such as firewalls and IPS devices.

Ground Breaking Research

With over 120 Tbps of global internet traffic analysed in real time, Arbor security researchers have unmatched access to emerging threats. This capability combined with Arbor’s expertise enables the Arbor Security Engineering and Response Team (ASERT) to develop timely, automatic updates to APS.

Cloud Signalling Coalition

With providers from around the world actively participating, this innovative approach to DDoS defense establishes a coordinated, automated cloud and perimeter-based protection architecture.

Proven & Trusted

Largest service providers rely on Arbor Networks for DDoS defense. It is likely that your network service provider is using Arbor products today, especially if they offer DDoS protection services.

Key Features & Benefits of APS

Always on, In-Line, DDos protection – Out of the box, on premise proections against columetric, state exhaustion and application layer DDoS attacks.

Inbound and outbound protection – Stop in-bound DDoS attacks and out-bound malicious activity from compromised internal hosts.

Intelligent cloud signalling – When needed, signal upstream to Arbor Cloud (or your ISP) to stop large attacks that will overwhelm your on-premises protection.

ATLAS intelligence feed – Protection that is continuously armed with the latest, global, threat intelligence from Arbor’s Security and Engineering Response Teams (ASERT).

Managed APS (maps) service – expertise of Arbor networks to manage and optimize your DDoS protection.

SSL decryption – Stop DDoS attacks hidden in encrypted traffic.

Support for Ipv6 – Detect and stop both IPv4 and IPv6 attacks.

Support for virtual environments – Leverage the benefits of a virtual environment to quickly turn up DDoS protection. VAPS is a virtual version of the APS appliance.

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