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Nettitude’s team have a wide range of experience and accreditations in a number of different applications.

Nettitude’s team of Penetration testers have a vast range of experience in a number of different applications and technologies. As a consequence, we are able to adjust our application security testing programme to fit with your individual business requirements.

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Deploying Encryption Solution Security

The cornerstones of information security addresses authenticity, confidentiality & integrity. Data encryption provides confidentiality for your assets. It takes your sensitive data and uses an encryption key to convert it in to cyphertext.

Nettitude works with a range of encryption products that function at the disk level, (Full Disk Encryption) as well as at the file, folder and application layer. As well as offering solutions for encryption, Nettitude delivers strong key management solutions that provide split knowledge, dual control and key rotation capabilities demanded by the most earnest of information security professionals.

Nettitude works with a series of enterprise level solutions to provide the encryption services that fit your business requirements. Nettitude is a liason gold partner, offering enterprise level encryption and key management solutions for the most demanding of environments.

Deploying Authentication Controls

Passwords provide a constant dilemma for network administrators. Without a corporate password policy, users will frequently choose passwords that are based around football teams, pet names, family names, and holiday destinations. As such, this poses a significant area of vulnerability within an organisation’s security framework.

On the other side of the equation, if a corporate security policy dictates that passwords are to be complex, so the number of users writing their passwords down on the side of their screen, and on dockets of paper at their desk increases. In addition, so the number of helpdesk support calls increases, when users forget their passwords and then inadvertently lock themselves out from their computer.

There is a strong consensus within the security arena, that 2-factor authentication, combining something that the user knows, (ie a password) with something they physically have, (ie some kind of token/smartcard/usb device/biometric) provides a significantly increased level of security.

Deploying Key Management Security

The amount of information that is encrypted and decrypted is increasing exponentially. As a consequence of this, any encryption management solution must be deployed with a correspondingly robust key management solution.
key management solutions need to perform the following functions:

Generate Keys

Distribute Keys

Archive Keys

Store Keys

Rotate Keys

Backup Keys

Expire Keys

Destroy Keys

These processes must be performed in a manner that is secure, tamper-proof, available and auditable. They must allow for an infinite variety of lifecycle timelines – from seconds to years. They must support regulation-specific key handling such as that mandated by the PCI DSS, government privacy acts and other industry mandates.
Nettitude partners with Liaison (formerly nuBridges) to deliver enterprise level key management solutions. Nettitude is a Gold Partner and delivers encryption, key management and tokenisation solutions for a range of business across Europe and Asia Pacific.


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) products have the ability to collect, log and alert information from devices and centrally correlate events and incidents in to a meaningful security dashboard.
SIEM products can collect data from:

Windows Services

Unix Servers

Networking Devices, including Routers & Switches



Applications, including Web Servers & Databases

File Integrity Monitoring systems

Many organisations recognise the difficulty in managing logs and alerts across different platforms and operating systems. There is a need to collect forensic information that can quickly and easily identify where an attack could be coming from, and how it has manifested. SIEM products can provide an organisation with a central window to all of their security alerts, whilst correlating data, removing false positives and highlighting real attacks before they reach their target.

Nettitude is one of a handful of system integrators that is fully trained within the area of SIEM. This means we are able to manage your project both cost effectively and quickly, helping you to achieve PCI DSS compliance.

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