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Cyber Strategy is part of our DNA

Through our Define-Defend-Detect-Respond and Assure services, we enable our customers to enhance their security posture, reduce risk and improve their cyber security strategy for the longer term.

Award Winning

We are an award winning global leader in the creation and development of cyber security strategy. We work closely with leadership teams and the board to help organisations gain situational awareness around their current cyber security posture. We conduct both paper based, and technology focused assessments to quantify organisations cyber security capabilities. Through a series of robust frameworks, we then define high level cyber security objectives that will move the organisation to a mode of operation that is aligned with their risk tolerance. Nettitude’s highly experienced consulting team is then able to support the organisation build their cyber security strategy, allowing for quantifiable measurements to take place to track progress towards the organisations overall goals. Nettitude’s team of testers hold the highest technical qualifications available and provide risk based, real world, human led testing services. This includes, penetration testing from the advanced techniques of Simulated Targeted Attack and Response (STAR) through to the broader assurances of Cyber Essentials, social engineering, red teaming exercises, and vulnerability assessments.

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Capability

Our consulting team provide strategic guidance around cyber Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) frameworks. As well as working extensively with the PCI standard, Nettitude has strong procedures and methodologies in place for all of its penetration testing engagements providing consulting around COBIT, ISO27001, and the NIST Cyber Security Framework. Our consultants are experienced in taking regulatory and compliance frameworks, and adapting them to meet the needs of an organisation, according to their industry, size or geographic reach. This allows us to provide pragmatic, tailored guidance that is measurable and actionable at every phase.

Incident Response Assurance

As part of our service portfolio, we provide some of the strongest assurance capability in the industry. We deliver technical assurance services that are supported by award winning penetration testing, code review, and technical risk assessment services. We deliver advanced technical threat assessment capabilities that feed in to a 24×7 detection and response service. Nettitude has invested heavily in building the Threat2Alert platform, which acts as an early warning system for organisations that are being subjected to an attack. We can provide threat intelligence lead penetration testing through our dedicated Security Operations Centres (SOC), our team of skilled analysts use the Threat2Alert platform to provide proactive detection and response capability across of all of their technical estates.

Strategic Partnerships

Nettitude provides sophisticated threat prevention services, backed by Palo Alto, Arbor, SafeNet and Cisco. Our consultants can deliver no nonsense guidance on how to prevent threats that traverse people process and technology. This guidance is based around the belief that security has to go much further than just the perimeter. With increasing mobility, cloud based applications and social media, so the threat landscape has evolved. Nettitude’s consultants can provide guidance on how to address these challenges, and bring cyber security in to every aspect of an organisations operational process.

360 Degree Security

Nettitude is the cyber security partner of choice for organisations across the UK, Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. This is not only because we have some of the most revered cyber security accreditations in the world, through CREST, CESG CHECK, CBEST and STAR, but we also provide something very unique to our clients: ‘360° Security’. Through our ‘360° Security’ program our consultants can help you prevent, assure, detect and respond to the evolving cyber security threat landscape.

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